January 1, 2015

METAvivor: Branding

METAvivor is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for those suffering from metastatic (Stage 4) breast cancer. In memory of those who have died battling this cancer, the organization features photos of the individuals on their home page through a dynamic “living wall” which allows visitors to journey back in time and see pictures of their lost loved ones. In addition to the main website, we developed a microsite built around thought-provoking statement that “Women Don’t Die from Breast Cancer” – in reality, both women and men die when only once breast cancer metastasizes.

Before and After Description
Over time, it is not uncommon for a website to fall into a common trap. Over time, various ideas keep getting added to the site which results in a bit of a Frankenstein effect. So, when we were approached with idea of redesigning the website we focused on simplifying the sitemap to feature only three main content buckets. We then wrote the content on the site in a way that was stratightforward and approachable. We highlighted their reasons for support and the reasons they differ from other breast cancer organizations. To further bring their website up to date with current technology, we developed the HTML in a responsive framework to promote cross-device viewing (and donating) in desktop, tablet, and mobile.

When it really hit home for us, was in the first meeting with MET. These women are diagnosed with a fatal disease and it’s just a matter of time. That led us toward reconceptualizing the way they tributed their deceased members. We wanted to give that even more prominence and so we developed the Living Wall – a dyanmic and interactive history of past members and their effect on the organization.

As part of the larger campaign, we had the opportunity to give the old logo a haircut. The organization had built equity behind their trademark ribbon, so we left that largely intact. However the original logo consisted of a visual smorgasboard. The multiple type stylines were replaced with simply the word METAVIVOR. The result was something that looks sophisticated and powerful.

Women Don’t Die From Breast Cancer Campaign
With the launch of the new brand, we also set out to raise awareness for the organization in general. That led to a eye-catching campaign, titled “Women Don’t Die From Breast Cancer”. As the truth would have it, they die once the breast cancer metastisizes and takes over the rest of the body. This unfolds through a scrolling, animated site that leads the viewer through the story.

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