February 4, 2015

Top of the Table: San Francisco

Custom Illustrations

Top of the Table is an exclusive forum for the world’s top financial service professionals. This elite international membership gathers each year at a luxurous resort to share knowledge, build their network, and see the sights. This was the first year that the meeting was hosted in an urban location and the materials celebrated this change.

This eye-catching package highlighted San Francisco’s beauty with a series of custom- illustrated postcards. While introducing the new urban location, this series of postcards generated excitment about the prestigious event with drawings that evoked a sense of nostalgia for the city.

TOT Registration Book

Every touchpoint was carefully designed to deliver the content in a consistent, and well-organized format. The pre-show registration book, and on-site program book, were structured to simply and effectively communicate a vast amount of information.

TOT On-Site

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