Our mission is to help organizations separate themselves from their competitors by connecting with their audience on a personal level. The purpose behind everything that we do is to support and grow upon an organization’s existing brand, or if needed, build one from the ground up.

GD Squared was started to help businesses, small and large, effectively communicate their message. Our clients range from small non-profit organizations to $100 million corporations, and for over three years our work has focused on helping them create conceptual solutions that connect with their target market.

Our services include project management, design, photography art direction, budget management, print management and interactive programming. With over 16 years of combined experience as both project managers, programmers and graphic designers, GD Squared understands the full scope of complicated projects while tending to the individual elements that are so crucial to make the end solution a success.

While design is the core component of each project, forming a trusting relationship and being able to collaborate well with our clients is crucial. Helping clients with more than just one-off projects has allowed us to establish great brands for companies by expanding their strategic message with consistency and creativity.

We work tirelessly to ensure that every project we develop is a complete success by helping you better communicate your message. Our belief is that reaction is sparked by emotion, and our solutions get your audience invested in what you have to say.