December 6, 2010

When everyone else Zigs, how do you Zag?

We have yet to work for a client who says, “We want to be like everyone else in our industry. Could you make our website/brochure/logo look as plain as the next guy, please?” No way. In the initial project meeting, every client states that they want to be represented by what makes them unique and for the fresh perspective that they bring to their customers. But as the projects unfold, most clients find it incredibly difficult to break away from what is considered the norm in their industry. They don’t want to be too different, it turns out – don’t want to “go too crazy.”

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October 15, 2010

What is the Brand Gap?

Every industry has its guru, the leader whose ideas define the vision not only of their colleagues but also their competitors. In the brand strategy industry, that guru is Marty Neumeier, a big thinker who has helped simplify and identify some of the most important ideas in branding. One of his greatest big ideas, though, has been to write little books – books “you can finish in a short plane ride” – that effortlessly translate business insights into simple discussions about the power a brand can have on that business. Each time we finish one of Marty’s books, we always have the same reaction: “Wow, this book would be so helpful for Client X / Y / Z / to read.”

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